Annotation Tools

Aim of this project is to develop robust annotation tools that are annotator-friendly (intuitive design and interface), programmer-friendly (easy to setup and maintain) and computer-friendly (robust, scalable).

We have developed two such tools:

  1. Sangrahaka: A Tool for Annotating and Querying Knowledge Graphs
  2. Antarlekhaka: A Comprehensive Tool for Multi-task Natural Language Annotation
Hrishikesh Terdalkar
Hrishikesh Terdalkar
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research lies in the intersection of Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, and Software Engineering with a particular emphasis on low-resource languages such as Sanskrit and other Indian languages. I am committed to pioneering NLP innovations that have a real-world impact. I enjoy building user-friendly GUIs and CLIs for various applications. My interests also include Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.